Congratulations to all at Bingley Gilbert and Sullivan Society

Following a successful run of The Mikado at the end of April, we have received the NODA review of our production.  Sally Holmes, the NODA respresentative for the area said: –

This production opened in the town of Titipu and we – the audience – immediately met the villagers in splendid costumes (The Boyz). This, coupled with black wigs for the ladies and very appropriate make up, set the style for the rest of the show. 

I liked Chris Trenholme as Nanki-Poo – this part suited his voice. He had a lovely tenor voice singing “A wandering Minstrel I” whilst looking for his beloved Yum-Yum (Kristina Hodgson).  She looked delightful and sang beautifully.

John Martin (Ko-Ko) performed and sang well with clear diction throughout. I liked the nuances within the music, and the cheeky asides to the audience from time to time. The re-writing of the various “lists” was extremely well handled. The modern references were in keeping with the originals. They were well presented with clear diction and the comic references could be clearly heard by the audience.

Martin Whitaker (The Mikado) also sang well. Janine McAndrew (Katisha) played her role with ease, singing with confidence.

John Colston was a very imposing Pooh-Bah.  His beautifully clear diction was outstanding.

Our three little maids – Kristina Hodgson as Yum-Yum, Helen Midgley as Peep-Bo and Helen Lever as Pitti-Sing formed a nicely contrasting trio, who sounded lovely together and were diverse in their portrayals.

With a very colourful set (Savoyards Productions) and beautiful costumes this was a seamless production with everything moving along at a bright but not too breathless pace.

The Musical Director (Ian Rawstron) kept the tempo bright and effervescent giving the whole production a bounce the audience enjoyed.

The Production Director (Judith Smith) ensured that the company was well rehearsed and presented with confidence. Special mention must go to the men in particular, who managed their huge fans marvellously!

Singing was good throughout with some beautiful harmonies. This was assisted by good articulation, and warm and sympathetic accompaniment from the pit. It is so much easier to follow the story when you can hear what is being said and sung.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this production

Well done everybody!!


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